An Easy Sale – Focus on Your Current Customers in Order to Find New Ones


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The modern consumer faces a dizzying number of choices each day, all with their own unique characteristics and long lists of attributes and drawbacks. How do you, as a company, position your product offerings in a way that makes a consumer choose your merchandise over a competitor’s? In other words, how do you differentiate yourself from all..

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What is brick-and-mortar marketing? This term refers to marketing strategies implemented by a traditional storefront, serving customers face-to-face. In today’s competitive market, owning a brick-and-mortar business can be difficult. In fact, some would say nearly impossible! With the convenience of online shopping it seems as though..

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In the fast-paced, technological world we live in, customers are more educated than ever before. In just a few seconds, customers can access practically any information they could ask for (and sometimes more than they care to know). This is one of the reasons that attracting and keeping customers is difficult. Finding ways to retain existing..

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Admit it, time is one thing you wish you had more of.  As a business owner, time is your most valuable possession. I’ve come to realize that our level of success is often a direct result of how we manage our time, and overcome the frequent, often unexpected interruptions that pull us in various directions each day. Here are 4 tips for better..


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