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Tips to collect customer data

Is it just me or does collecting customer contact information oddly remind you of your teenage days and strategizing how to get a phone number from a potential date? (I should apologize now, there will be some brief courting advice in this article). She'll need an incentive, she'll probably want to know why, and if you don't ask now you may blow your chance at repeat engagement! Not in this business, baby! Let's talk strategy... First, let's quickly review the importance of collecting customer data, (phone numbers, email addresses, frequency, time of purchase, etc.) I think most businesses owners would agree that a significant portion, if not most, of their revenue comes from repeat..

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There was a day when marketing was a buyer's market and whoever spent the most cash on advertising typically dominated the market. Not anymore. While traditional advertising still has its place, many businesses are finding the top-down, mass, 'interrupt and repeat' model less effective and are turning to more creative, social, and relevant..

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Customers New and Old When I spent my time managing restaurants, I was always trying to find new and innovative ways to market and drive new customers into my restaurants. This is crucial with any business! Your customers are the backbone of your business and the only way you survive. Driving new customers in, lets you continue to grow and expand..

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  July is upon us, and we’re ready to help kick your business’ marketing efforts into gear with 10 Creative Marketing Ideas to drive customers to your business this month. July is full of especially interesting holidays you can use to your advantage to stick out from competitors and draw in customers. July 2nd —We have two..

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Getting to know your customers and building a relationship with them is so important to how you will succeed as a business. So how do you engage with your customers? Here are 5 ideas for how to engage customers in your business:   Build your customer list: This is such a simple way to engage, so make sure you collect your customers'..

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 A new paradigm shift has occurred in the world of marketing. What once was an art is now a data filled science. I recently spoke with a man who owned a small smoothie shop in Southern California. On an average day, he would get anywhere from $300-$500 in revenue. That’s it, that’s the end of the story. There is no additional data..

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You've worked hard—your contact list is growing, your customers have opted-in to receive messages from you having given you their contact information and said what products of yours they are interested in. The next step in your marketing efforts is likely implementing marketing segmentation and answering the questions "who should I market..

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Want to start emailing customers but are worried about sending too many? Don't worry, you're not alone. Questions regarding text message and email frequency are some of the most commonly asked questions I get. If you are like most marketing directors, the fear of over-sending probably prevents you from sending regular communication, or has..

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What is brick-and-mortar marketing? This term refers to marketing strategies implemented by a traditional storefront, serving customers face-to-face. In today’s competitive market, owning a brick-and-mortar business can be difficult. In fact, some would say nearly impossible! With the convenience of online shopping it seems as though..

June 2015 Ideas that drive customers back this month

Happy June! It's a great month to invite customers in to get a break from the summer heat. Here are 10 creative marketing ideas that may drive loyalty and customer engagement to your business this month. June 5—World Environment Day—Show your customers that you help sustain our environment by donating a percentage of their purchases to..


marketing segmentation, people icons grouped
How to Have Guaranteed Success in Marketing SegmentationJune 12th 2015

You've worked hard—your contact list is..

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