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December ideas that drive (piggy bank wrapped in holiday lights)

Can you guys believe it is December already? We are going to help you finish off the year strong, here are have 10 new, creative marketing ideas to get customers in this month! December is Write a Friend Month - Send an offer for buy one get one free for everyone who brings in a friend! Celebrate December birthdays —Send those celebrating a birthday this month a special discount! December is known for showing service, many people do the 12 days of Christmas. Send customers an offer for the first 12 days of December. December 4th is Santa’s List day - Send out an offer for all customers thanking them for being on your “nice” list. December 16th is National..

time management with checkboxes "today, tomorrow, never"

Admit it, time is one thing you wish you had more of.  As a business owner, time is your most valuable possession. I’ve come to realize that our level of success is often a direct result of how we manage our time, and overcome the frequent, often unexpected interruptions that pull us in various directions each day. Here are 4 tips for better..

cartoon character with phone

As many of you know, text message marketing (SMS) is the most effective way to communicate with customers. With a 95%+ read rate (80% of that within the first 2 minutes), you can send out a message and usually get customers to follow your call of action within 10 minutes. In today's post, I want to look at 3 different ways you can engage..

3 in 4 won't shop on black friday because it's crowded

I was browsing Twitter today, when I came across this excellent illustration from the team at Twitter Small Business (@TwitterSmallBiz). Take a look: I love this graphic, and I love these stats because I think it perfectly sums up the opportunity that's out there for small businesses this holiday shopping season. People don't want a..

branding with color

As a graphic designer at CityGro, I work on hundreds of kiosk designs and marketing materials for businesses. Whether they are large scale corporations or small businesses taking off, I think that all businesses should be actively concerned about their branding, and what they convey with that branding, specifically in this article how color and..

Manage customer relationships. Man holding card that reads "Do you know your customers?"

Just last week, I had the opportunity to have a heart to heart with a business owner about maintaining and building strong customer relationships. She was in a bit of an unusual bind: her business had too much business. What I mean by that is she wasn’t able to recognize and personally know all her customers like she used to. She felt that..

Increase holiday sales with CityGro. Holiday shopping vocabulary on tablet.

Are you looking for good ways to increase your sales this holiday season? If you put these four suggestions into action, you’ll be on the right track toward accomplishing your holiday business goals: Gift cards: Gift cards are fast, easy to give, and more thoughtful than cash. They’re also a staple of the holiday season—in 2013,..

customer contacts in CityGro database

Every business knows that the more time you save, the more efficient you'll be. I’m a firm believer in that idea. Even if those time-saving things only save you a second or two, it all adds up! I don’t know any better way to shave a few seconds off your daily tasks than using web browser shortcuts on your keyboard. The less you have to reach..

Ideas that Drive in November

Happy November everyone! We have 10 new, creative marketing ideas to get customers in this month! November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month - Send an offer for peanut butter lovers! Celebrate November birthdays - Send those celebrating a birthday this month a special discount! November 10th is Forget-Me-Not Day -  This is a..

Loyalty Marketing

You've heard of marketing and you've heard of loyalty, but are you on top of loyalty marketing? Where traditional marketing focuses on new customers, and other loyalty approaches typically focus on rewarding top customers, loyalty marketing solutions target customers who are NOT coming back and drives them to be more loyal. Loyalty marketing..


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7 Steps to Creating Killer Drip CampaignsDecember 18th 2014

Drip campaigns are a great way to create..

Marketing Ideas that Drive
3 in 4 won't shop on black friday because it's crowded
Invite Customers to Shop Small Business SaturdayNovember 21st 2014

I was browsing Twitter today, when I came across..

Marketing Ideas that Drive