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Text message marketing infographic. 90% of messages are read, 29% of social media messages are read, and 22% of email messages are read.

Wondering how text message marketing compares to other forms of customer outreach? This handy infographic shows you the difference in open and response rates and more. Check it out: Did you know that customers look at their phone, on average, 150 times a day? Or that most people read texts within 5 seconds of receiving them? It's no wonder, then that engagement with text message marketing is so high. In fact, according to recent studies, SMS produces engagement rates that are 6-8x higher than email marketing. Customers take their phones everywhere—when they get a text from you, it's easy to come in and use coupons or take advantage of promotions because it's right there on their..

October 2014 marketing Ideas that drive customer back this month

The leaves are changing, haunted houses are opening and pumpkins are everywhere!  We have 10 creative marketing ideas to get customers in this October! October is National Awareness Month - Send an offer for customers to come in and learn more about your business! Celebrate October birthdays - Remembering someone’s birthday is a..


Loyalty marketing is an approach to marketing that focuses on increasing business revenue by targeting existing consumers. While most marketing companies focus their entire efforts on finding new customers and most loyalty programs are made to simply reward customers who come in frequently; the concept of loyalty marketing suggests you actually..

ideas that bring customers back to your business this month of september

Many customers are back in school, football is starting and fall is in the air. We have plenty of creative marketing ideas to get customers in this month! September is National School Success Month - Send an offer for customers to come in and reward themselves for being successful in school. Celebrate September birthdays - Everyone..

how retailers deliver coupons to customers "74% thorugh digital media, 62% through print media, 61% through direct mail, and 50% through in-store (including kiosks)")

Consumers love coupons and coupons drive sales, it’s a win-win really. Most methods of traditional coupon redemption rates are between 0-3%. On the other hand, CityGro has a redemption rate of 8-12% or higher. Shopper research reveals that “interest in coupons remains extraordinarily high, especially with new/emerging coupon user profiles..

ITD August image

The last month of summer is here and we have plenty of creative marketing ideas for you to get customers coming into your business. August 10th is National Lazy Day—send out reason to lounge around with you and then kick back and put up your feet. Sports team victory. Send customers a deal after a local sports team wins a game. ..

10 practical steps to customer loyalty

The first steps to gaining loyalty are out of our control. They are found in your culture, your employees, your product/service and the benefit you provide. Once you are creating an environment where loyalty can thrive, CityGro will help accelerate your growth and multiply your efforts like you’ve never seen before while increasing customer..


When asked what the most popular social network for young people, a majority of people would probably answer with Facebook. But, according to a recent study, Facebook is not the most popular, it is actually texting. The study also found that 87 percent of high school grads use texting daily. In fact, texting is, “By daily nearly three times..


        July is known to be one of the most iconic months of summer. From BBQs, swimming, parades, and fireworks, there are many reasons to get customers coming in and enjoying your products and services! Below is a list of possible creative marketing ideas to use to drive in customers this month. Independence Day—freedom can be..

Email marketing tips

No doubt you have heard proclamations of the death of email as a useful marketing tool. Such claims have arisen primarily because of the continued growth of other vehicles. With more ways to get in front of your customers, each tool—including email—has come to find its own unique way to be successful. Statistics from Express Pigeon indicate..


Marketing Ideas that Drive March
10 Creative Marketing Ideas That Drive Loyalty This MarchMarch 4th 2015

March is here which means the seasons are..

Marketing Ideas that Drive
December ideas that drive (piggy bank wrapped in holiday lights)
10 Creative Marketing Ideas That Drive Loyalty This DecemberDecember 1st 2014

Can you guys believe it is December already? We..

Marketing Ideas that Drive