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Email marketing campaign

Over the past year, many claims have been made indicating that email marketing is on the way out. However, at CityGro, we have found quite the opposite to be true. For us, email as a marketing vehicle has shown itself to be worthy of a primary place in any smart business’ marketing tool-belt. Express Pigeon, an email marketing service, reports that email offers an ROI of 4,300%. Our own customers’ results have supported the value of email in the overall marketing mix—when properly implemented. Because the right factors need to be in place, we have worked to integrate email into our solution to take advantage of each critical element. This gives our customers maximum benefit from the..

May Ideas that drive business | CityGro

The following are 10 creative marketing ideas that you can use to drive customers back into your business this month. Mother's Day—Send out a Mother's Day promo offering something customers can take home. "May the 4th be with you!"—That's right, it's national Star Wars day. If your customers fits this niche than you can't afford..

Correcting marketing myths

The Truth Behind 4 Common SMS Marketing Myths By now, you have likely either received a text message from a business or considered using text message marketing for your own business. No longer a futuristic concept, SMS marketing is very much the present—and very much here to stay. There are many myths that make some businesses, especially..

Kiosks for businesses

The CityGro kiosk system brings a wealth of power to your business in one simple interface. Among the features of our system is the ability to implement SMS marketing, or text marketing, programs. Data everywhere points to the fact that text marketing works. Upstream reports that text-based offers are not only accepted but desired by 70% of all..


In case you missed out on the April Fools promotions, here are a few April ideas that may get you thinking. The following are 10 creative marketing ideas that you could use to drive customers back into your store this month. "Attention sports fans"—With college basketball tournaments and the start of baseball season there should be..

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You've probably heard about the importance of capturing customer information and purchasing habits. You may even have a really good system in place for doing so. But do you have a really good plan in place to make use of that data? Do you understand how to do that? In the early days of e-marketing tactics, a monthly email newsletter (that was..


Keeping in touch with customers and prospects is critical for today’s businesses. If you want to grow your customer base and strengthen the loyalty of your existing customers, you need to communicate with them on a regular basis. As daunting as this may sound, this process need not be onerous on your business. CityGro can help make sure that..

Customer Relationships

Repeat Customers—The Lifeblood of Small Business Repeat customers are the key to sustainable long-term growth for your business. Research has showed time and time again that they spend more with you than the average one-time customer. They also tell their friends about you, helping to grow your business even further. Learning how to harness..

Woman holding shopping bags. Repeat customers are worth their weight in gold

Why Repeat Customers Are Worth Their Weight in Gold Today’s digital marketplace can leave many marketers feeling like they have developed some serious adult ADD. The need to divide one’s focus between website content and structure, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, blogging, social media, and more to drive traffic to your store is hard indeed...

Get more customer engagement

How CityGro Can Help Your Business Foster Repeat Engagement As a savvy business owner or marketer, you know that your existing customers are your best leads. They have already qualified themselves as such by doing business with you on at least one occasion. This makes them familiar with what you offer and will help to make any future engagements..


Loyalty Marketing
Loyalty Marketing Solutions Keep Customers Coming BackOctober 27th 2014

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10 Creative Marketing Ideas That Drive Loyalty This JulyJuly 15th 2014

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