October is when the seasons change and the holidays begin! It’s the month to dress up, bundle up, drink hot chocolate, and nibble on loads of candy. It’s also a great month to promote businesses, increase followers, and get some good sales in! Here are 10 creative marketing ideas that drive and engage customers this month. Host a..

Digital Waiver Kiosk

Does your business require customers to sign waivers, register, or complete information? If so, are you taking advantage of the marketing opportunities to build text and email lists, get more reviews, and bring customers back? In this blog post I’ll be discussing some simple strategies to turn your registration process into a revenue generating..

How to get more success with loyalty

Have you ever lost (or tossed) a loyalty card? I have, tons of them. In fact, most people lose (or throw away) more than they keep. So how can you, a business owner, increase the odds that people stay involve in your loyalty program? Try this - Next time you enroll someone into your loyalty program, give them an extra punch. Consumer research..


In a world of frequent lawsuits, businesses have to vigilantly assess any dangers in their establishment and determine a way to avoid them. This is extremely difficult in certain environments, such as trampoline houses, race courses and shooting ranges. Many customers are coming to these venues to seeking thrills and excitement, and accidents can..

value-of-existing-customers (1)

The modern consumer faces a dizzying number of choices each day, all with their own unique characteristics and long lists of attributes and drawbacks. How do you, as a company, position your product offerings in a way that makes a consumer choose your merchandise over a competitor’s? In other words, how do you differentiate yourself from all..

Road Block

When implementing a customer loyalty program, there are many pitfalls you want to avoid. The goal is to increase consumer engagement. To do that, there needs to be a good loyalty program in place that is intuitive and easy to use. To increase the success of your rewards program, here are three common road blocks you need to avoid. 1. Only..


Do you want more participation in your loyalty program? Train your staff to speak up. This is a situation I refer to as the "Candy Bowl Phenomenon." Have you ever seen a candy dish at the counter of your bank but don't reach out to take a piece until you are invited? For a variety of reasons, most people won't reach out and take it until the..


The Dawn of a New Kiosk

By - October 21, 2015

Introducing Kiosk 3 The items below represent the majority of the significant updates recently released for the CityGro iPad Kiosk application. Please be aware that some of the changes only apply to specific uses of the kiosk application and may not be applicable to everyone. Device Log - The kiosk device log is on the bottom of the..

Tips to collect customer data

Is it just me or does collecting customer contact information oddly remind you of your teenage days and strategizing how to get a phone number from a potential date? (I should apologize now, there will be some brief courting advice in this article). She'll need an incentive, she'll probably want to know why, and if you don't ask now you may blow..

key next to lock for key to repeat customer engagement

There was a day when marketing was a buyer's market and whoever spent the most cash on advertising typically dominated the market. Not anymore. While traditional advertising still has its place, many businesses are finding the top-down, mass, 'interrupt and repeat' model less effective and are turning to more creative, social, and relevant..


CityGro Makes it Easy for You to Communicate with CustomersMarch 26th 2014

Keeping in touch with customers and prospects is..

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CityGro Offers Ongoing Customer Engagement MarketingMarch 18th 2014

How CityGro Can Help Your Business Foster Repeat..

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