Loyalty Marketing and why it's the bee's knees

Loyalty marketing works to turn existing customers into repeat customers quicker and easier than many other traditional marketing strategies. The approach is based on rewarding current customers and offering incentives to improve the likelihood of receiving their business again in the future. In using such a rewards program, customers..

Loyalty Marketing Stats playbook sketch

[caption id="attachment_4819" align="alignleft" width="150"] 50 Marketing Stats that may change your strategy[/caption] Far too often, loyalty and marketing are thought of as two separate pages in the business strategy playbook. Marketing is the play to bring new customers in and loyalty is the play that brings old customers back. However, new..

Customer Consent vs No Consent with text message marketing

If there is one word you remember from this article, it should be "consent." Customer consent is the key to text and email marketing regulation and will save your tail in the long run. Text and email marketing can make a huge impact on your business when executed correctly, and that means getting customer consent. Not only is customer consent..

branding with color

As a graphic designer at CityGro, I work on hundreds of kiosk designs and marketing materials for businesses. Whether they are large scale corporations or small businesses taking off, I think that all businesses should be actively concerned about their branding, and what they convey with that branding, specifically in this article how color and..

Text message marketing infographic. 90% of messages are read, 29% of social media messages are read, and 22% of email messages are read.

Wondering how text message marketing compares to other forms of customer outreach? This handy infographic shows you the difference in open and response rates and more. Check it out: Did you know that customers look at their phone, on average, 150 times a day? Or that most people read texts within 5 seconds of receiving them? It's no wonder,..


When asked what the most popular social network for young people, a majority of people would probably answer with Facebook. But, according to a recent study, Facebook is not the most popular, it is actually texting. The study also found that 87 percent of high school grads use texting daily. In fact, texting is, “By daily nearly three times..

Email marketing tips

No doubt you have heard proclamations of the death of email as a useful marketing tool. Such claims have arisen primarily because of the continued growth of other vehicles. With more ways to get in front of your customers, each tool—including email—has come to find its own unique way to be successful. Statistics from Express Pigeon indicate..

Correcting marketing myths

The Truth Behind 4 Common SMS Marketing Myths By now, you have likely either received a text message from a business or considered using text message marketing for your own business. No longer a futuristic concept, SMS marketing is very much the present—and very much here to stay. There are many myths that make some businesses, especially..


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