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Customize Your iPad Kiosk

The CityGro iPad Kiosk brings your brand alive by offering the most customizable kiosk application available. Our professional design team creates every kiosk in the image of it’s brand to ensure customers identify with you. From the look and feel of each page to the flow and process of the check in, your CityGro kiosk becomes yours. 


Drive Customers to Check In

What good is an automated communication platform without contact information? CityGro offers proven strategies to incentivize customers to check in. Wether your customers are driven by digital loyalty systems, random drawings, or other promotions, CityGro Account Pro’s help you find the strategy that fits your customers best.



Automate Your Communication

Build relationships with your clients by improving communication. Our customer management tool helps you retain clients and increase revenue by ensuring that customers never get neglected. After all, in today’s digital world of marketing, if you’re not communicating with your customers than someone else is. 

"63% of companies who outgrew their competition in 2013 used Automated Marketing"