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You paid to bring them in, make sure they’re coming back

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Keep what you paid for

If you’re spending money to bring customers in, those customers belong to you, not the advertising networks you invested in. CityGro makes it easier than ever to collect customer information capturing 10x more leads than other lead capturing systems.

Capture Contact Information

CityGro provides industry leading solutions to capture customer data such as Instant tracking iPad Kiosks, web forms. and smart SMS Keywords. We’ve set a precedent utilizing technology to capture customer information, information that is crucial for businesses like yours. Our average business collects 2000 customers in the first 6 months!

Send Smart Messages

Now that you own the network, you can send messages on your own time and keep all of the return. The CityGro Automated Marketing Software uses customer history such as time of day, frequency, and duration since their last visit to trigger intelligent reminders most likely to bring them back.

"CityGro collects massive amounts of information, and actually applies it in intelligent ad campaigns. "