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With the CityGro iPad Kiosk, you can turn every person that walks through your door into an opportunity for repeat engagement. Our simple-to-use  interface makes it attractive and fun for customers to enter their email and receive instant, automatic communication. Join thousands of others who have digitized their strategy for capturing customer info. 

Increased Email Accuracy

Tired of bad emails and poor handwriting? Our experience shows a substantial increase in the accuracy of emails when customers enter it in digitally. Furthermore, CityGro incentivizes customers to put genuine contact information by tying the reward to the communication.   You will love the hands-free solution and your customers will too!

Automated for Faster Response

The iPad Kiosk is convenient for following up with customers. We can program your application to email customers automatically with birthday promotions, contest results, brochures and more. CityGro understands the value of repeat engagement and through the CityGro system we ensure that no customer is neglected. 

"Our emails are 10X more effective through CityGro"