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Bring Customers Back

As competitive as the restaurant industry is, restaurants can’t afford to ignore communication. CityGro uses an iPad kiosk to capture customer information and streamline communication that drives customers back.  After all, if you’re not communicating with your customers, someone else is. 

Won't hold up the line.

We understand the need drive customers through quickly. The CityGro iPad Kiosk is fast, non-intrusive, and helps your customers feel engaged. Wether you’re digitizing your punch card or running a promotion to check in, our kiosk can check customers in faster than employees can check customers out!  

Account Pro Assistance

The last thing a restaurant manager has is more time. That’s why CityGro offers experienced Account Pro’s to assist you with your account.  Utilize your Account Pro to add design, configure campaigns, or generate ideas.  We’ll even call you monthly to review your account! When you need a hand, our experience can help. 

"My customers love the digital punch card, and so do I!"