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Bring Customers Back

As competitive as the salon industry is, salons can’t afford to ignore communication. CityGro offers incentives on an iPad kiosk to capture customer information and streamline communication that drives customers back.  After all, if you’re not communicating with your customers, someone else is. 

Top of Mind Awareness

Frequent and relevant communication is exactly what keeps you on top of your customer’s mind. Use our iPad Kiosk to send promotions for tanning, spa treatments, nail services, and more. With our software, you can track each time a customer visits your store and send automated updates and messages at the time they’re expected to be back.

It’s All about Timing

Customers tend to seek salon services on a regular basis. The key is to hit them while they’re hot. The CityGro system allows you to send reminders based off frequency and a specified time from the last time they came in. The better timed your messages is the better the chance of it driving a customer to action. 

"Not only has CityGro increase my traffic, but my marketing bill has been cut by 80%!"