Don’t Just Reward Loyalty, DRIVE Loyalty!

Easily communicate with your regulars and your customers who haven’t been in recently



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The Digital Difference

Taking your punch card digital provides an easy way to connect with your customers. Rather than simply rewarding customers who come in often, CityGro’s digital loyalty system recognizes un-loyal customers and sends automatic incentives and reminders to bring them back. It’s fast, easy and impossible to loose a card!

Save Costs

Marketing campaigns can get pretty expensive. Printing punchcards, paper ads, and posters really adds up. Going digital is the perfect way to save costs and increase profits for your business. You also receive a higher return when you gather information in exchange for rewards. 

Communicate with customers who don't return

Reaching out to customers who aren’t loyal is extremely important. The CityGro Automated Marketing Software uses customer history such as time of day, frequency and duration since their last visit to trigger intelligent reminders most likely to bring them back. CityGro Account Pros can help you come up with clever campaigns such a birthday messages and holiday promotions that will spark customer interest to visit your business.

"Get More out of your business with CityGro."