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Higher Interaction

The CityGro iPad Loyalty Kiosk is optimized for customer interaction. By taking away hurdles such as the need to download apps, print cards, scan codes, etc; CityGro has increase loyalty participation 10 fold. The simple customer interface mixed with extraordinary marketing capabilities is the reason why CityGro leads the way in Loyalty Marketing.

Intelligent Communication

CityGro doesn’t simply reward customers for being loyal, we targets un-loyal customers and brings them back! Each time a customer uses your kiosk, CityGro schedules intelligent messages optimized to drive action. Infrequent customers are driven to loyalty and loyal customers are encouraged to bring their friends.

You own the data.

Our mission is to help you connect with your customers. Whereas many loyalty companies utilize you to help them build their network, we help you build a network for you. The average CityGro client adds 2,000 customers to their network in the first 6-12 months. In addition, CityGro networks average a 80-90% opt-in rate.


"Since switching to CityGro, my network has tripled!"