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4 Messages for Almost Any Business

Although there are many different types of messages that can be set up, we find the following 4 very useful. Keep in mind you can set your messages to ONLY reach people who haven't checked in during a given duration of time.

1. Instant Reply Message: A message sent within a few hours from the time of check-in with the purpose of giving encouraging future action while your business is fresh on their minds. This could include a bounce-back offer (come back within 3 days and get a special offer), a social media request (like us on Facebook for your chance to win!), or possibly a "schedule now" text (call and schedule your next appointment today).

2. 1st Interval Message: The first interval message should be sent out at the standard amount of days it would take your average customer to return. For a restaurant this may be a week or two, for a barber shop it may be monthly, or for an auto lube service it may be every three months. The purpose of this message is to prompt a sale without giving away the farm.

3. 2nd Interval Message: The second interval message is sent out at a time by which you know the customer is not loyal and may need a little prodding. This message typically calls for a larger promotion since we know the customer has not developed a habit yet. Remember, if the 1st interval triggered an action than this message will not go out.

4. Buzz Messages: The fourth and final message we encourage everyone to use is a buzz message. This can be a single or several message meant to randomly create a stir. Birthday messages, half-way messages (when using the Kiosk Digital Punch Card), and random daily winners would fit in to this category.

Have some fun with your messages and track the results. When you find a message that works, try and duplicate it!

Try different messages until you find what works for YOU!


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