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Integrate with Infusionsoft

What happens when a powerful data acquisition tool meets a powerful customer relationship management tool? Well, we like to think there's a big bank somewhere. But for those Infusionsoft users out there we've got a treat for you.

Try this: Integrate your CityGro Kiosk with your Infusionsoft account and get the best of capturing data paired with incredible tools to for following up... not to mention the text benefits through CityGro. 

You like Infusionsoft? We do too!

Use this idea!

  1. Log into your CityGro Account
  2. Click on the ‘Network” tab
  3. Click on the “Integrations” tab
  4. Click on “Infusionsoft” logo
  5. Give your account a name
  6. Insert your API key (get this from logging into your Infusionsoft account)
  7. Create a trigger of when to send the information and what to send to MailChimp
  8. Enjoy a little more time for yourself as your emails now integrate automatically!


Packages starting at $45/mo

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