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Send Your Emails Directly to MailChimp

Let's face it, MailChimp does a dang good job at sending emails. But as good as they are at sending, YOU are still responsible for getting the email addresses in the first place.

Try this: Use the CityGro integration API to send the email addresses you acquire directly into you MailChimp account and enjoy the best of both worlds!

So you like your MailChimp account? Keep using it!

Use this idea!

  1. Log into your CityGro Account
  2. Click on the ‘Network” tab
  3. Click on the “Integrations” tab
  4. Click the “MailChimp” logo
  5. Give your account a name
  6. Insert your API key (get this from logging into your MailChimp account)
  7. Create a trigger of when to send the information and what to send to MailChimp
  8. Enjoy a little more time for yourself as your emails now integrate automatically!


Packages starting at $45/mo

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