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In a world as busy as it is today, communication with customers is vital. If it’s not relevant, its spam. CityGro gives your business the ability to connect with personalized, targeted communication.

What is Data-driven Marketing?

The concept of data-driven marketing suggests that every marketing message has a purpose and is triggered based on real data such as customer buying habits and customer interests. If done right, data driven marketing produces phenomincal results since messages come across more relevant and less like spam. In a perfect world, we would reach customers at the right time, in the right location, and with a message that directly speaks to their interests. The world is not perfect, but you will be suprised with the abilities CityGro has to send personalized messages to your customers.

Data-driven marketing gets results

The CityGro Marketing Software

The CityGro software collects data from multiple channels and uses that data to send relevant marketing messages to your customers. Trigger messages based on interests, purchases and the amount of time its been since customers have come in. Incentive customers to come in for their favorite product/service, remind them to follow you on facebook, or send them a special offer if its been a longer than average time since they’ve come in. Quit spamming customers and get personal, with Citygro.

All-in-one marketing platform

How Does CityGro Build Loyalty?

Whereas most loyalty programs simply reward customers for coming back, CityGro identifies customers who aren’t coming back and drives them to be more loyal. CityGro’s Loyalty Marketing Software integrates with the loyalty kiosk to track customer visits and sends targeted marketing messages personalized to them. One-time customers receive incentives to come back, infrequent customers are driven to be more frequent, and loyal customers are incentivized to bring their friends.

Timing is everything when it comes to customer loyalty

The Digital Loyalty Kiosk

CityGro’s Loyalty Kiosk allows customers to build points, sign waivers, specify interests, etc. Through seamless integration between the CityGro Kiosks and Loyalty Marketing software, businesses have the option to target marketing messages based on the last time customers came in. The kiosk is perfect for Salons with a contemporary look and feel and helps create a cutting-edge image.

CityGro's loyalty kiosk

Develop Word of Mouth Relationships

Get customers talking about your business with our proven techniques designed to encourage loyal customers to bring in their friends. It’s the fastest, and the best, way to grow your business.

Word of mouth relationships


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