Email Marketing Benefits with Automated Messages from CityGro

By - May 5, 2014

Over the past year, many claims have been made indicating that email marketing is on the way out. However, at CityGro, we have found quite the opposite to be true. For us, email as a marketing vehicle has shown itself to be worthy of a primary place in any smart business’ marketing tool-belt.

Express Pigeon, an email marketing service, reports that email offers an ROI of 4,300%. Our own customers’ results have supported the value of email in the overall marketing mix—when properly implemented.

Because the right factors need to be in place, we have worked to integrate email into our solution to take advantage of each critical element. This gives our customers maximum benefit from the power of this tool.

Email marketing campaignWhat Makes CityGro’s Email System Work?

Automation is the heart and soul of the CityGro kiosk solution. Through this, we help you automate designing, building campaigns, and sending all of your emails. You can program the system to send a message every time a customer checks in, for example. You can even allow customers to send themselves brochures or other marketing materials right from the kiosk.

CityGro understands what elements are needed to make email successful in coordination with other marketing activities. We have designed our solution to include the following elements to maximize our customers’ results:

  • Full Mobile Optimization—We know that people will read emails on their phones. It’s just a fact. Therefore, all of our emails display properly on smartphones. Included links should always direct users to responsive site pages.
  • Easy List ManagementThe CityGro solution makes it easy for you to keep your customer and prospect list clean. This starts with capturing the correct information from the start by using the iPad interface instead of deciphering handwriting or re-entering data. A clean and applicable list is a must if you want to get real results from your marketing efforts.
  • Simple Design and Build—Templates make it easy for you to create emails, reducing the amount of time needed on this step. A campaign builder allows you to schedule sending based upon individual customers’ interactions.
  • Robust Metrics—Through the CityGro business portal, you can sign in to your account and get the metrics you need. Data available includes message open rates, opt-out rates, click-thru rates, and more. This information can guide you as you build further email campaigns or identify new ways to use email to communicate with your customers.

Making marketing simpler and more effective is the focus of the CityGro kiosk. Email can be a vital way to stay in touch with prospects and customers and our solutions help businesses to do that.

Email is like any other marketing tool in that its success depends largely upon its implementation. The right message, sent at the right time in the right format, makes all the difference. CityGro’s solution works to make it easy for you to get the most email marketing benefits available.

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