CityGro CEO, Jon Parrish, was interviewed on BizBuzz Florida.



The topic: Unlike Big Box businesses today, most small business owners have no effective way to capture and communicate with their customers or even potential customers. Why is that important? How do they do it? And being armed with this data, what should they do with it?

In the interview Parrish discussed how important it is for businesses to capture their own network, then use the same information and track it. For example, with CityGro you can track how often a customer comes in. There may be a customer that is coming back to the store even without receiving a 50% off price. Therefore it would be beneficial to establish loyalty with that customer and in a couple weeks send that customer a 25% off price.

This is only possible with capturing customer information. How does CityGro capture customer information so easily? The answer is the Loyalty Kiosk. Customer interaction is the name of the game when it comes to the CityGro Loyalty Kiosk. With nothing more than a finger and a phone number (plus any other data you want to ask for), any customer can participate.

BizBuzz asked: “What do you say when store owners are not sure their customers will give out their phone number?”

“Business is about relationships. Every business is valuable to a certain demographic of customers. That is who we want to stay in touch with. Our goal is to get as many customers to check in as possible,” Parrish said.

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