CityGro acquired Digital Blitz Marketing, a text marketing company, founded by Sean McCarthy. CityGro and Digital Blitz Marketing formed a relationship in 2012 that enhanced the ability to capture phone numbers and automate marketing messages through the use of the CityGro kiosk. Digital Blitz transitioned dozens of accounts over to CityGro in efforts to enhance their marketing and add value to their product. Digital Blitz Marketing’s clients were primarily in Utah and Arizona; the largest clients were Costa Vida and Fat Cats among 25-30 other smaller clients.

In June of 2014, Digital Blitz Marketing decided all of their clients would benefit from the CityGro service. The CityGro service includes an account pro team that is ultimately responsible for the success of each client. The team generates ideas and marketing campaigns as well as all of the other additional features that CityGro offers. CityGro offers the traditional Text Marketing and SMS Keyword platform which some of Digital Blitz’s former clients preferred.

CityGro set up a case study that tested to see if the CityGro Kiosk could increase the amount of loyalty users and Text Opt-ins for the restaurant, Costa Vida. The results were outstanding and resulted in an increase of 26 times the amount of phone numbers obtained.