CityGro desires to respect the privacy of everyone everywhere.  If you are receiving unwanted text messages, you may simply reply STOP or STOP ALL to remove yourself from a single or all mailing lists.  Every email sent from CityGro is required to be accompanied with a link to unsubscribe from the associated campaign.  CityGro is not in the business of selling personal information and only uses stored data for anonymous analytical purposes.

Site Usage

When using,, or any other site within CityGro’s domain, CityGro may track activities and behaviors for the purpose of improving services.


CityGro uses cookies for the purpose of maintaining login state and storing session information pertinent to each user on the site.  The interval which these cookies expire varies from several days to several months.

CityGro reserves the right to use cookies to track behavior of business’ customers through interaction with CityGro’s products including, but not limited to WebForms and SmartLinks.

Data Collection / Sharing

CityGro provides the ability for businesses to collect data from their customers on a completely voluntary basis.  This information may include but is not limited to: first and last names, email address, phone number, birthday, gender, demographic information, interests, and subscription preferences.  CityGro does not share this collected data between businesses and access and security of this data is maintained exclusively by those authorized by each business.  Customers who share data with a business using the CityGro platform are voluntarily giving said business access to their data to do with what they may.  Customers should review said business’ individual privacy policy to ensure that their privacy expectations are met.

Messaging Preferences

CityGro provides a powerful communication platform for businesses to reach out to their customers.  This platform is equipped with the ability to maintain message preferences on an individual level.  Each customer can individually control whether to receive emails or text messages by replying STOP after a text message or clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in an email.  Once a customer has opted out of receiving notifications, CityGro automatically enforces that preference.