The Management Portal

The CityGro Management Portal is your control center for all things CityGro. Log in from your desktop or mobile device to view live stats, monitor activity, and create new campaigns.

View Real-time Statistics

No one wants to be the last to know, so we show you what’s going on in Real-Time. The CityGro Management Portal is where administrators go to access live stats of daily check-ins, new members, messages sent, etc.





Make Instant Changes

Notice something that needs changes? Or perhaps after analyzing your results you’ve noticed something that needs to be changed. Simply sign in and make changes that go into effect instantly. Through the Management Portal you can make changes to your kiosk, keywords, web-forms and marketing campaigns.




Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Want insights into your customers? The CityGro Network Page provides customer relationship management software that helps you create marketing campaigns based off of real data. Filter customers by group, interest, or frequency to learn more about their behaviors and send targeted messages to customers who need them.



Results, baby!

The days of “trust us, its working” are over. The CityGro Management Portal gives you full access to results. For better or for worse, we want you to see exactly what is working and what is not. When businesses have clear access to results, they can make better decisions and shift gear towards strategies that achieve better success.





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