The Numbers Don’t Lie — Predictive Analytics from CityGro

We believe that transparent results allow you to make informed decisions about your business. Get ahead of the competition by using predictive analytics to track customer loyalty, responses, buying habits, and more.

Accurate Reporting - The Backbone of Predictive Analytics

For years, companies have taken the stance that the benefits of marketing and advertising cannot be measured. We disagree.


While it would be convenient to avoid accountability and suggest that your marketing efforts are providing “branding,” “customer awareness,” and other benefits that cannot be measured, we prefer to show the results. We believe that businesses who monitor results are better able to make strategic decisions. They can build on the actions that are producing positive results while avoiding the actions that don’t.


That’s what predictive analytics is all about. We can help you track data, so you can see what’s working and what needs to be changed in real-time.

Predictive analytics gets better results

Create and Customize Reports with the Click of a Mouse

Choose from popular reports like our 90-day review or create custom reports specific to your business. You have complete control over what data you see, so you can quickly make decisions regarding your and text message marketing campaigns.

Create reports - predictive analytics

Email Yourself Results

CityGro’s automatic email reporting allows you to send yourself regular emails so you don’t forget to monitor activity. With this feature, you’ll never miss a beat.

Automatic email reports

Send Yourself Pricing

Packages starting at $45.00

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