Loading Pages That Pop With Advertising and Graphic Design Branding


Loading Pages That Pop With Advertising and Graphic Design Branding

By - December 16, 2014

Most CityGro customers use our extremely popular CityGro kiosk to easily capture customer data. Branding and detailing aside, one page that always strikes me as a designer is what businesses choose to do with their loading screens.

When a customer is logging into the kiosk, it takes the iPad about four seconds to load the business’s custom interface. With these four seconds, you can either stick to a “Now Loading” screen or you can do something more robust, something more, dare I say, inspiring. Here are some of my personal favorite advertising and graphic design branding ideas that are running in stores right now. Notice that they all use different tactics to convey their meanings.

4. fun fact

A really easy way to make your kiosk experience more enjoyable is to include a fun fact about your business. I love Red Mango’s fun facts because they are engaging and range from pop culture to dietary tips.

3. information

Informational layouts give the customer some information of a new special or promotion your business may be running. Keep in mind that four seconds can go by quick so keep the info short and concise.

Little Caesars has tons of information and highlights that amazing price. These informational loading screens do all the up-selling for you!

1. action

Actionable layouts have a more distinct call to action. These are easy tasks that a customer can carry out immediately. Such as taking a flyer below, or liking an Instagram account for a free gift. These should get people talking.

2. bold image
Last but not least we have a simple, bold image layout. These get the point across in a simple way. When you are hungry and you see a pile of fries on a loading screen, ordering fries will come right to your mind!

At CityGro, our Account Pros and designers have a ton of ideas to make your loading screen vision come to life. Every opportunity you have for a positive branding image is provided. Something as simple as a loading screen can really inspire your customers.

What creative ways do you use to drive your message home? Share with us below!

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