Using Text SMS Marketing in the Most Popular Social Network

By - July 18, 2014

When asked what the most popular social network for young people, a majority of people would probably answer with Facebook. But, according to a recent study, Facebook is not the most popular, it is actually texting.

The study also found that 87 percent of high school grads use texting daily. In fact, texting is, “By daily nearly three times more popular than phone calls.”

Texting is the purest form of a social network, “so simply social that we scarcely consider it a network.”

Below are the results when Niche asked 7,000 teenagers, “What are the most popular social networks, apps, and websites for high schoolers?”


The article goes on to say that, “For young people, Facebook is the newspaper, and websites are the authors.”

The graph shown below compares daily users across social platforms.


Here at CityGro, we have also text SMS marketing to be very successful. Text message marketing has a read rate of 98 percent, it is almost guaranteed your message will be read. The CityGro Kiosk gets, on average, 10-20 times more phone numbers than the standard SMS marketing keyword.

Which brings up a question we hear a lot; do customers like text messaging?

70 percent of all consumers in the U.S. not only accept but desire offers via text message. Customers want to receive text messages, they just don’t want to get spammed via text. Individuals are generally more likely to check their text messages than email, because of the convenience of it. In fact, engagement is eight times higher with text messaging.

The CityGro platform requires every customer to opt-in to receive text SMS marketing messages and, according to FCC regulations, we send every new contact a welcome message detailing how to opt-out. From there, we can detect how your customers react to the message by watching the opt-out rate of each campaign.

Learn more about the benefits of text marketing.


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