10 Creative Marketing Ideas to Drive Loyalty This June

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June 2015 Ideas that drive customers back this monthHappy June! It’s a great month to invite customers in to get a break from the summer heat. Here are 10 creative marketing ideas that may drive loyalty and customer engagement to your business this month.

  1. June 5—World Environment Day—Show your customers that you help sustain our environment by donating a percentage of their purchases to your favorite “green” organization. Get the organization on board to support your business as well. 
  2. June 8—Name Your Poison Day—Discounted drinks for a limited time on this day, or offer customers their first drink free.
  3. June 14—Flag Day—The American flag was adopted this day in 1777. Offer a discount for items that are red, white, or blue (or to customers wearing these colors).
  4. June 17—Feast before Ramadan this evening. Encourage customers to get their fill before the month of fasting begins.
  5. June 18—National Splurge Day is the ultimate day for businesses to take advantage of, especially those in retail. Encourage customers to splurge on themselves on this day.
  6. June 21—Father’s Day—Let’s celebrate our fathers with discounted gift cards for dads all day.
  7. June 21—Summer Solstice—Stay open an hour later to celebrate the longest day of the year and the first official day of summer.
  8. June 29—Camera Day—Have customers post a picture on social media of their visit, and show it at the register, to receive a surprise deal!
  9. June birthdays—Many people enjoy going out for their birthday, so why not invite customers in to celebrate their birthday with you this month!
  10. Encourage customers to stop by and get takeout for a picnic or a hike one day in June.


Good luck this June!

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