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Automated Marketing

How many times have you said to yourself, “I need to send out an email . . .” but when you finally get around to it your list is old, customers are cold, and the results reflect it.

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to automate your marketing in today’s world. CityGro helps businesses send automated marketing messages to their customers through text messaging and email.

Here’s the process.

1. Collect customer contact info.

Incentivize your customers to give you their contact information through giveaways, digital punch cards, or other incentives. While several capture methods are available (Fish bowls, registration forms, etc.) the CityGro Kiosk will feed the data you collect directly into your communication channel where followup is automated. Get some ideas at

2. Set up your messages.

Take some time and list all of the reasons you would like to communicate to your customers. Perhaps you want to say thanks for coming in, give them an incentive to come back soon, remind them to think of you weekly, or even to bring a friend in. Write a simple message for each situation and save it as a template in both email and text formats.

3. Schedule your messages.

Now think of the perfect time for each customer to read that message, the time in which they would be most likely to react. Is it immediately after purchase, one week later, every Thursday, or maybe on the customers birthday? Use the CityGro messaging portal to schedule each message and CityGro will make sure its delivered on time, every time!

Automated messages are the perfect start to your marketing engine. With the ability to repeatedly engage your customers you will enjoy faster response, increased frequency, and an overall better relationship with your customers.

If you would like help automating your marketing efforts, please contact an Account Pro at 888-605-4429.

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