10 Creative Marketing Ideas That Drive Loyalty This April

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In case you missed out on the April Fools promotions, here are a few April marketing ideas that may get you thinking. The following are 10 creative marketing ideas that you could use to drive customers back into your store this month.

  1. “Attention sports fans”—With college basketball tournaments and the start of baseball season there should be plenty of reasons to pull a crowd. Make sure you invite your customers to join you!
  2. Easter—Create a Retail Easter Egg Hunt by hiding discount tags on hidden items throughout the store. You could place a handful a day all the way through Easter! Set a per-person limit to prevent greedy egg hunters!
  3. More Easter—Think Easter Bunny and create a contest for the best “bunny-ear photo bomb” picture that gets posted to your Facebook wall. They’ve got to like you for it to count!
  4. Earth Day—Are you making an effort to go “green”? Invite customers to celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd. If you’re not so big on going green, the 22nd is also National Jelly Bean Day!
  5. Celebrate a famous April birthday – Here are a few to consider: Butch Cassidy (4/13), William Shakespeare (4/23), Shirley Temple (4/23), Jackie Chan (4/7).
  6. Spring cleaning —Get rid of inventory and clean house by inviting your customers to participate with a “Spring Cleaning Promo.”
  7. Send out an April trivia question and reward the first X amount of people that come in with the answer: e.g., In what country might you celebrate April Fish Day? (Answer: France.)
  8. “Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day” is the 4th Thursday of April. Make sure they have an incentive to finish the day at your place.
  9. Gain some favor with your customers by sending a tax deadline reminder followed by some great ideas about where to spend those returns!
  10. Advertise FREE EVERYTHING when customers come in yell April Fools! (Don’t really do this, this is a very bad idea).

Remember, while a large part of marketing is coming up with great ideas… the most important part is actually making people aware of the great ideas you’ve come up with (cough, cough, pitch for CityGro). CityGro makes it easy to capture customer contact information and communicate your message directly to them. If we can help you enhance the communication to your customers please let us know!

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