10 Creative Marketing Ideas That Drive Loyalty This February

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Marketing ideas for February

From sport fans to lovers and late night partiers, February has a little something for everyone. Here are 10 creative marketing ideas that drive business and engage your customers this February:

  1. February 1 – Down, set, hike! Kick off the month by wishing your sport-loving fans a happy Superbowl. Do it quickly; the Superbowl is this Sunday!
  2. February 2 – Create a Groundhog Day Special. Offer something if Phil sees his shadow and something else if he doesn’t.
  3. February 6 – Offer a “Home Run Special” for Babe Ruth’s birthday!
  4. February 12 – Offer a “Buy One, Get One for a PENNY” in honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.
  5. February 13 – Celebrate “Gal”-entines Day” by sending out special promotions to the women in your customer database.
  6. February 14 – Shout out to couples on St. Valentine’s Day and give them a reason to spend part of their day with you.
  7. February 14 – Invite customers to “share the love” by bringing friends and enjoying group rates.
  8. February 17 – Mardi Gras – How about something extra special for anyone dressed like they’re headed to Bourbon street?
  9. February 22 – Offer a “Buy One, Get One for a DOLLAR” in honor of George Washington’s birthday.
  10. As always, be sure to send out deals and discounts to anyone with a February birthday or anniversary.

Trivia – Which 3 singers died in a February plane crash that is now memorialized by Don McLean’s hit song “American Pie?”

One of the key ingredients of loyalty is making sure you engage your customers. Get creative and have some fun this February!

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