Four Benefits of SMS Marketing with CityGro

 In Utilizing CityGro

The CityGro kiosk system brings a wealth of power to your business in one simple interface. Among the features of our system is the ability to implement SMS marketing, or text marketing, programs. Data everywhere points to the fact that text marketing works. Upstream reports that text-based offers are not only accepted but desired by 70% of all consumers in the United States. Engagement rates from text messages are higher than those from email by as much as 8 times.

CityGro loyalty kiosk

These are just some of the reasons that text messaging is an integrated component of the CityGro kiosk system.

Following are some of the benefits of SMS messaging with CityGro:

  1. Personalize Customer Communications
    Because all of your customer data will be stored within the CityGro system, it seamlessly integrates with outbound communications. Every time a customer checks in, you gain valuable information about his or her habits. This data can then be used to create a customized set of messages and intervals that are appropriate for that person.
    The CityGro kiosk lets you create individualized communications for every customer, connecting more personally with each one. This is one component of increasing customer loyalty and repeat business.
  2. Grow Word of Mouth “Advertising”
    People are commonly with other people when they receive text messages. That makes this form of communication ripe for sharing with others which is a great way of expanding your prospect and customer base.
    Additionally, forwarding or sharing a text with someone else couldn’t be easier. According to Slick Text, coupons sent via SMS are shared or used 10 times more frequently than paper deals.
  3. Increase Customer Loyalty
    It’s a fact—loyalty programs work. Text messages make it easier than ever for your customers to participate in such programs. No more cards to carry, lose or forget. Everything they need is already with them as most people keep their phones with them almost all of the time.
    Loyalty programs can be customized as well through the customization of your messages. You can work to turn “sometimes” customers  into “all-the-time” customers and turn your most loyal base into advocates for your business.
  4. Improve Accuracy
    Your customers enter their registration directly into the CityGro kiosk, eliminating the need for you or your staff to re-enter data or attempt to decipher hard-to-read handwriting. This increases the accuracy and lets you be sure that your messages are actually getting through to the right place.

CityGro is committed to helping your business grow without increasing your workload. Our efficient kiosk system works with and for you to help enhance your customers’ experiences and increase your bottom line.

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