Three Channels to Collect Text Message Subscribers

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Text Message Marketing for Small Business

Text Message Marketing is becoming a must-have tool for all brick-and-mortar small businesses.  Often times the hardest part is building your subscribers. Here are the three best ways to grow SMS subscribers:


Text Message Marketing Opt In Options

1) SMS Keyword

This is the traditional way of collecting mobile numbers. It consists of creating an SMS Keyword (example: COOKIE) on your SMS shortcode (example: 85775). Once the keyword has been created, you would then need to market that keyword to let your customers know how to opt in.  This is typically done by creating in-store and digital content saying “Text COOKIE to 85775 to receive a FREE cookie and join our text club.”  Customers who do this would then be added to your list and opted in automatically.

PRO TIP: As you market your SMS keyword, make sure and give an incentive to opt in.  Your opt-in rate will increase dramatically.  

2) Online Forms

Most businesses have an online presence including a website / social media page. Most SMS marketing providers have tools that allow you to opt-in customers from each of these areas including web forms and APIs. Make sure that you utilize these channels to grow your database.

PRO TIP: When adding an opt-in data field to your online forms, have it pre-checked. This will result in a higher opt-in rate.

3) In-store Kiosk

Combine the in-store and online world by allowing your customers to opt in on your in-store kiosk. Here at CityGro we use kiosks in primarily in three different ways (Loyalty, Check-in to Win, and Digital Waivers), each of which we allow you to add an SMS opt-in form. We have found that an In-store kiosk is the most effective way of growing your SMS Database. Our research has shown a 10X increase in opt-ins versus the traditional SMS Keyword opt-in channel.

PRO TIP: If you use a kiosk for Loyalty or Waivers, your customers typically have to sign in each time they visit. If your customer decided to not opt-in on the first visit, politely ask them again when they come back into the store

If you’ve mastered the SMS opt-ins, share your pro tips below! We’d love to hear what your business is doing to grow your SMS Database. You can also learn about other types of automated marketing by visiting

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