Ideas to Bring Customers Back – February 2017

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Customer engagement ideas

February may be the shortest month of the year, but there is no shortage of reasons to bring customers back! Here are 10 creative marketing ideas that may drive loyalty and customer engagement to your business this February.

    1. February 2 – Groundhog Day. Offer something if Phil sees his shadow and something else if he doesn’t.
    2. February 5 – Super Bowl Sunday – Whether you are a sports nut or just love the commercials, there is always a buzz around the super bowl. Give your customers a reason to get excited with you!

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  1. February 6 – Babe Ruth’s Bday – Offer a “Home Run Special” for Babe Ruth’s birthday!
  2. February 12 – Abraham Lincoln’s Bday – Offer a “Buy One, Get One for a PENNY” special in honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.
  3. February 14 – Valentines Day – Shout out to couples on St. Valentine’s Day and give them a reason to spend part of their day with you. BOGO’s and group specials are always big on this beloved holiday!
  4. February 20 – President’s Day – Here’s a day that many American’s have off. Try a weekend special to get customers coming in all weekend long!
  5. February 20 – Love Your Pet Day – Did you know that more than 65% of households have a pet? If your business can handle the animal kingdom, even for this day only, this is a great chance to let customers know they can bring their pets!
  6. February 22 – George Washington’s Bday – Offer a “Buy One, Get One for a DOLLAR” in honor of George Washington’s birthday.
  7. February 28 – Mardi Gras – How about something extra special for anyone dressed like they’re headed to Bourbon street?
  8. Cold Weather Special – Don’t let the cold weather keep customer’s home; try running a cold weather special such as 1% off for every degree below freezing! Tell them to hurry in before it warms up!”

Have ideas of your own? Share them below and let’s get this February party started!

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