10 Creative Marketing Ideas That Drive Loyalty This May

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Use your CityGro iPad kiosk to get customers back into your store this May.

The following are 10 creative marketing ideas that you can use to drive customers back into your business this month.

  1. Mother’s Day—Send out a Mother’s Day promo offering something customers can take home.
  2. “May the 4th be with you!”—That’s right, it’s national Star Wars day. If your customers fits this niche than you can’t afford to miss this day. Run a promotion or ask customers to post their favorite Star Wars character on your Facebook wall.
  3. Cinco de Mayo—Break out the guacamole and piñatas, it’s time to celebrate the 5th of May. Don’t forget to invite your customers to celebrate with you!
  4. Celebrate May Birthdays—History shows people spend more money on their birthdays. Send out a special invitation to celebrate with you this month.
  5. Don’t have a birthday in May? Celebrate a famous May birthday! Here’s a few to consider: Billy Joel (May 9th), Stevie Wonder (May 13th), Mark Zuckerberg (May 14th) Mr. T. (May 31st), and Clint Eastwood (May 31st).
  6. May 17th is armed forces day. Pay it forward with a hefty discount for our country’s best.
  7. Memorial Day is May 26—Flowers aren’t the only things that fly off the shelves on Memorial Day. Since people have the day off make sure you have the day on!
  8. National Teacher Day is May 6th—Apples are out and your product or service is in! Give a promotion to any customer buying a gift for their teacher.
  9. Open the patio doors… warm weather has arrived. Remind your customers of all your warm weather products to help them get ready for summer.
  10. May Trivia—What Roman God or Goddess was the month of May named after? First 10 businesses to call in with the answer to this question will receive 1,000 free text messages.

Best of luck this May!

Team CityGro

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