In the United States, July is most associated with Independence Day. However, there are many more events and holidays to help customers “beat the heat” and come visit your business. Especially because it is National Ice Cream Month!

Marketing Ideas for July:

July 4th – Independence Day: Start the month off BIG! Independence Day is on a Wednesday this year. So run your promotions from the weekend before through the weekend after. Pull out all the stops with BOGOs, bounce backs, deals, and freebies. If you only run a promotion for one event this month, this is the one!

July 6th – National Fried Chicken Day: This event works best if your business happens to have fried chicken as a menu item. However, you could have a catered event as a way to draw in customers.

July 6th – Ant-Man and the Wasp: Movies, especially superhero movies are on everyone’s watch list this summer. With no shortage of big blockbuster movies in sight, use the energy surrounding these movies as a way to connect with the interests of your customers.

July 7th – National Strawberry Sunday Day: If your business is ice cream, then this month is for you. Start things off with Strawberry Sundays and start a cascade of bounce back specials all month long.

July 8th – National Video Game Day: This day is a good opportunity to market to parents with children. Create a kid’s special that has something in common with video games or a video game character. If you happen to have games in your business set up a tournament with fun prizes, or play video game music in your store (it’s on the Internet)

July 9th – National Sugar Cookie Day. If you have these on your menu already you should not miss this opportunity. If you don’t, this could be a good opportunity to purchase some as a freebie for checking in. Remember to promote the special in a text or email blast.

July 10th – National Kitten Day. Hang in there! This is an opportunity to engage with your customers on a new level of cuteness. Have a Facebook photo contest or offer discounts for showing a picture of their cat at the register, or better yet work with a local shelter to have an adoption event at your store.

July 10th – National Pin?a Colada Day. If you’re not into yoga and have a frozen treat store, promote this popular tropical flavor. Or if your business is licensed to serve this libation make it happy hour all day. Please, don’t play the song all day, on repeat, non-stop.

July 11th – National Free Slurpee Day. – Just thought you should know.

July 13th – National French Fry Day. If your business has this as a menu item offer a BOGO or discount. If you have a CityGro loyalty kiosk you could even have a check-in freebie.

July 16th – National Ice Cream Day. Culminate National Ice Cream Month with a big event this day. Offer bounce backs or discounts. Make it a party. Even if it is not a regular menu item you could get ice cream sandwiches for use as a check-in special.

July 19th National Hot Dog Day. Promote a hot dog eating contest. Offer a discount on them as a menu item, or even have a grill party in the parking lot. This is a great item to celebrate summer with.

July 20th – Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. Not all movie promotions have to be superhero movies. Play the soundtrack in your business, promote a bounce back special to “Go Again” or even offer a discount if they show you a ticket stub.

July 21st – National Junk Food Day. Promote the chips and soda on your menu, or reverse it and offer a discount on the healthiest items on your menu. Make this one work for you.

July 25th – National Hot Fudge Sunday Day. Ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream! Offer specials and use this as the target of all your bounce back specials from earlier in the month!

July 26th – National Chili Dog Day. One week after hot dog day it’s the revenge of hot dog day! But this time its covered in chili. Use this day as a target for the bounce back from National Hot Dog Day, but maybe skip the eating contest this time. We are still recovering.

July 27th – Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Do another movie promotion by offering discounts for ticket stubs. Cross promote with your local movie theatre and don’t forget to send out text and email blasts to connect with your customers who are fans of the franchise.

July 30th – National Cheesecake Day. What finishes Ice Cream Month better than more dessert! If your business is so inclined, offer a discount on this delectable treat, a la mode if possible. Or if you are still on an ice cream kick and have this as a flavor, promote it and get those bounce backs from earlier in the month.




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