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  • ProText
    • Send 250 texts each month for free

    • No Setup Fee
    •      250 Free Texts Plus:
    • No Contact Limit
    • $.035 Per Text
    • 1 SMS Keyword
    • See Volume Discounts
    • -
    • -
    • -
  • QuickGro
    $45 Monthly
    • The best way to amp up your text marketing

    • $95 Setup Fee
    •      Everything ProText Offers Plus:
    • Sign Up Kiosk
    • $.03 Per Text
    • -
    • -
    • -
    • -
    • -
  • ProGro
    $75 Monthly
    • Ideal for single tools and do-it-yourselfers

    • $495 Setup Fee
    •      Everything QuickGro Offers Plus:
    • Digital Loyalty
    • $.0275 Per Text / $.005 Per Email
    • AccountPro Assistance
    • Mobile WebForms
    • Email Marketing
    • Marketing Automation
    • -
  • ProPlus
    $125 Monthly
    • The all-in-one loyalty-marketing experience

    • $995 Setup Fee
    •      Everything ProGro Offers Plus:
    • Digital Waivers
    • $.025 Per Text / $.004 Per Email
    • Social Reviews
    • Multi-Location Management
    • Shared Loyalty Points
    • -
    • *See Multiple Location Discounts


CityGro offers unique solutions for the Enterprise level client. These solutions may include integrating into proprietary systems, creating unique loyalty experiences, testing the latest technologies and innovations or working with unique corporate structures.



Use multiple SMS keywords when different response messages are needed or when you want to segment people differently based on which keyword they text into.

$15 per month

Design Kit

Draw attention to your marketing and loyalty campaigns with professionally designed materials. This kit includes 2 posters, 10 table tents, and all of the design files and artwork with it!


Starter Kit

Get up and running in the shortest time possible with a complete starter kit. The Starter Kit includes in iPad, a swivel-mounted aluminum iPad enclosure and security tether.



What is included in a FREE account?

CityGro provides a free account for businesses to check out the marketing software and see if it’s right for them. The free account allows a business to use all of CityGro’s features for up to 500 contacts. After 500 contacts is reached, the business will need to select a plan to continue to grow its network. Creating a free account is as simple as the steps below:

  1. Create Account
  2. Activate Tools
  3. Ready to go!

Are there any additional fees?

The CityGro monthly fee covers the management portal and all associated products (iPad kiosk application, web-forms, keywords, etc). There is no limit to the amount of products used by a single location or account. A specified amount of emails are included with each package. The monthly fee does not include equipment or text messaging. Both equipment and text messages are available at an extra cost. For details, click “view details” under the packages above.

Can I tie multiple accounts together?

CityGro allows multiple account management at the Pro and Enterprise levels. When multiple accounts are tied together, a master account is created as the parent account and has jurisdiction over sub-accounts. Administrators are given permissions at the parent account level or the sub-account level and are granted access to send messages and view data accordingly.

What is a Contact?

A contact is a member of your database with all of their associated data. Collectively, your contacts make up your CityGro Network. Contacts can be captured via any CityGro product, imported, or transferred through the CityGro API.

What is an Admin?

Admins are account managers that can be given administrative rights over all or part of the management account. The most common types of admins are those with management access on a local level (franchise owners and local managers) and managers who have been given admin rights on a widespread basis (corporate or business owners)

What is a Location?

CityGro accounts are typically created based on locations. When a location does not apply (online business, trade show, etc), a location may be better thought of as a site or group for which you would like to view dashboard statistics. Multiple locations can be managed under a master account allowing for admins to be assigned at the location level or at the master account level.

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