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  • ProText
    $0 /mo
    • Send 250 texts each month for free
    • No Set Up Fee
    • 250 Free Texts per month
    • $0.035 Per Text
    • 1 SMS Key Word
    • No Contact Limit
    • $0.005 Per Email
  • QuickGro
    $25 /mo
    • The best way to amp up your text marketing
    • No Set Up Fee
    • 250 Free Texts per month
    • $0.0325 Per Text
    • 1 SMS Key Word
    • No Contact Limit
    • $0.005 Per Email
    • Sign Up Kiosk
  • ProPlus
    $125 /mo
    • The all-in-one loyalty-marketing experience
    • No Set Up Fee
    • 250 Free Texts per month
    • $0.025 Per Text
    • 1 SMS Key Word
    • No Contact Limit
    • $0.004 Per Email
    • Sign Up Kiosk
    • Marketing Automation
    • Mobile Webforms
    • Digital Loyalty
    • Account Pro Support
    • Digital Waivers
    • Social Reviews
    • Multi-Location Management
    • Shared Loyalty Points
    • API Access

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Bulk Messaging

Get discounts on text and email messaging by purchasing monthly bundles rather than paying for messages one by one.
See Pricing

Equipment Starter Kit

Get up and running in the shortest time possible with a complete starter kit. The Starter Kit includes in iPad, a swivel-mounted aluminum iPad enclosure and security tether. $500

Enclosure Only

If you have an iPad but need an enclosure we can help. CityGro provides a durable, steel enclosure with a swivel base that can be turned from customer to employee. Fits all models but iPad Pro and Mini.

iPad Only

Streamline your setup by getting an iPad through CityGro. CityGro will provide a new iPad, new in its box, simply to help you get started faster. Used iPads may be available at a lower rate, call us to learn more.  $350

Design Kit

Draw attention to your marketing and loyalty campaigns with professionally designed materials. This kit includes 2 posters to promote keywords, 10 table tents, and all of the design files and artwork with it!

Custom Kiosk Configuration

The basic kiosk flow for digital loyalty or digital waivers allows for 8 pages. Kiosk flows requiring more than 8 pages will be required to pay an additional fee for a custom experience.


Use multiple SMS keywords when different response messages are needed or when you want to segment people differently based on which keyword they text into.
$15 per month

Custom Kiosk Design

Basic kiosk themes for both loyalty and digital waivers are included with each package at no additional cost. If you’d like a custom design, with your brand’s images, logos and more; this service is for you. See examples here. $95


What is included in a FREE account?

For a limited time, CityGro is offering a free 30 day trial on any package as a way to let business see the effectiveness of the retention software. Some tools require Account Pro assistance which will also be provided at no additional cost. After the trial ends, businesses will need to subscribe to a plan in order to continue using CityGro tools. Creating a free account is as simple as the steps below:

  1. Create Account
  2. Activate Tools
  3. Ready to go!

What Equipment Do I Need For My Account?

CityGro’s portal can be accessed with any device that is able to connect with the internet. Text and email marketing component’s require no additional software however our sign up kiosks, digital loyalty and digital waivers use Apple iPad’s and are guaranteed to work on the most recent 3 models. If you need help with equipment, please reach out.

What Systems Integrate with CityGro?

CityGro has been designed as either a stand alone system OR as an integrated part of a larger system using the CityGro API. 3rd party integrations offer two primary experiences: 1) They allow you to pull data from other systems for use in your marketing campaigns (such as using purchasing data from your point of sale) and 2) Integrations allow you to update 3rd party systems with data sourced through CityGro (such as redemption stats and loyalty points). For more information about integrations, see our API documentation or send us an email.

Will I Be Required to Sign a Contract?

CityGro offers month to month plans for every package, no contracts required. CityGro also offers yearly plans with additional discounts and promotions. To learn more about yearly offers and promotions, contact a sales representative at 888.605.4429.

Can I manage multiple locations under one account?

CityGro allows multiple account management at the ProPlus and Enterprise levels. When multiple accounts are tied together, a master account is created as the parent account and has access rights to all sub-accounts. Administrators are given permissions at the parent account level or the sub-account level and are granted access to send messages and view data accordingly. Additional fees may apply for multi-location onboarding or complex situations.

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