We are CityGro

The leader in loyalty marketing with a mission to connect businesses + their customers.

We believe data-driven communication does that.

Meet the Team

Jon Parrish
CEO + Founder

Has a passion for business success… and winning the CG Ping Pong Tourney.

Steve Russell
CFO + Co-Founder

Lord of the Account Pro’s + an avid collector of John Stockton b-ball cards.

Ben Oman
CTO + Co-Founder

He calls himself Ben, but to us he’s the Wizard. Celebrate the nerd within.

Luke Gordon
VP of Everything

We’re not sure what Luke does… but we don’t know what we’d do without him.

Eric Bischoff
Sales Master

Watch out for this elite business man with his team of sales minions.

Mindy Whiting
Executive Assistant

Collector of friends, phone numbers, and other miscellaneous client details.

Our Story

CityGro was born from the philosophy that businesses who connect with their customers are simply better businesses. As the leader in the Loyalty Marketing industry, CityGro has helped thousands of businesses increase revenue through data-driven communication. The flagship loyalty marketing kiosk has allowed millions of customers to connect with their favorite businesses and CityGro’s automated loyalty marketing software has sent millions of targeted messages to drive customers to action. CityGro’s loyalty marketing concept has proven successful in industries such as restaurants, salons, retail environments, financial institutions, trade shows and universities. And we’re only getting started.


Our Growth

Featured Clients

Red Mango
Frozen Yogurt

Red Mango connects with thousands of customers through CityGro.

Costa Vida

Costa Vida reaches customers instantly through text messaging.

Utah State

Uses CityGro to increase student awareness and participation.

Hair Salon

Introducing the digital loyalty punch card to the world of hair.

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