10 Creative Marketing Ideas That Drive Loyalty This January

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It’s 2015 and goals are in. One of CityGro’s goals is to post the monthly “Ideas that Drive” article on the 1st day of each month. It’s now the 16th and we find ourselves asking what New Year’s would be like without a tiny bit of procrastination… So without further ado, here are some great creative marketing ideas that drive business for January! The half that’s left, anyway.

  1. If a healthy lifestyle is a part of your business, this is your month to shine. The #1 resolution is to lose weight. Encourage healthy living by promoting your healthy solutions.
  2. If healthy living IS NOT part of your business, that’s ok. Only 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolution anyway. Why not give an 8% discount in honor of the 8% of people that follow through?
  3. January 17th is known to some as Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day… make sure customers are ditching it with you.
  4. January 20th is a day many have off work (US Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day). What a great day for family specials or even a shout out for service and vision.
  5. Watch out for cold January days and make sure you invite customers to come in your location and stay warm.
  6. Down, set, hike! This year’s Super Bowl is Feb 1st. Better start prepping now to make sure you’re part of the fun.
  7. The zodiac signs for January are Capricorn and Aquarius. Let’s treat them extra special this month with Birthday offers that will bring them in.
  8. January 31st – Jackie Robinson’s birthday. How about a 1st timer’s special in honor of the first African American baseball player!
  9. January 29th is Puzzle Day. Send a trivia question related to your business and reward people who come in with the answer.
  10. January Trivia — What female is known as one of the most successful, self-made billionaires and happens to have a birthday on January 29th? (The first 10 businesses to send in the answer will receive 1,000 free text marketing messages.)

Happy 2015 everyone. Good luck this year!

Team CityGro

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