10 Creative Marketing Ideas That Drive Loyalty This March

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Marketing Ideas that Drive

March is here which means the seasons are changing, customers are out, and there is a whole lot of college basketball! Here are 10 creative marketing ideas that drive and engage customers this month.

  1. Whether your business relates to sports or not, you can still run a bracket challenge. March Madness is viewed by millions of people, invite them to enjoy it with you!
  2. Invite customers to ‘March’ on down for spring specials! March is the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.
  3. Time for spring cleaning, meaning it’s a great time for inventory blowouts and seasonal promotions.
  4. March is Women’s History Month; give something special to celebrate the history of one of our favorite genders!
  5. March 6 – Share some love with the local workforce for Employee Appreciation Day.
  6. March 8 – Daylight Savings Time. Remind customers to forward their clocks one hour and earn some good graces.
  7. March 11 – Jonny Appleseed Day. Run a trivia promotion whereby customers can get a special bonus if they know the American legend’s real name.
  8. March 14 – The always awaited Pi Day. Offer a free slice of pie with another purchase or a large slice of pie for $3.14.
  9. March 17 – Give GREEN for wearing GREEN. Knock a dollar or two off for people who wear green on St. Patty’s Day.
  10. March 17 – Let customers try their luck by spinning a wheel (or entering a random drawing) to try to win discounts with every purchase. CityGro users can have customers text-in for their chance to win!

March Trivia – What Roman God was March named after? First 10 responders will receive 1,000 free messages!

Creating loyal customers often comes down to engagement. Think of all the ways you can engage your customers this next month and good luck in March!

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