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Automated Communication

The best way to increase revenue is to encourage customers to return more often. CityGro offers a digital loyalty platform that not only tracks points, but send automated messages based on the time its been since the customers last visit.  Through enhanced communication, CityGro has helped hundreds of business increase revenue from current customers. 

Digital Punch Cards

One of CityGro’s many features is the ability to set up a digital punch card. Customers simply check in with their phone number each time they come in and points are added to their account. Once they’ve received a specified amount of points, a new coupon shows up ready to redeem. Not only will you save time and money from not printing cards, but now you can communicate to customers based on their points!

Account Pro Assistantce

In addition to the Business Management Portal that each account has access to, CityGro staffs a team of Account Pros to make sure you find success with your kiosk. Our team provides ongoing support, professional design, campaign create, account monitoring, weekly reports, and more. Use our experience to help take you to the next level. 

"The concept behind CityGro is simple and sound, COMMUNICATE BETTER WITH CUSTOMERS!"