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CustomizableYour Kiosk

Sign into your CityGro portal to completely customize your kiosk. Choose from a variety of pages including selection pages, group pages, special offers, rewards, loyalty, data entry, enter to win, and many more. Simply drag and drop the pages you need in the order you need them and enjoy the most customizable kiosk you’ve ever experienced. – See more at:

Online or Offline!

We know the frustration that comes with glitchy internet. When internet is simply not an option, put your CityGro Kiosk in offline mode and sync all of your data when you return. You can even access your data on your iPad while your kiosk is in offline mode!

Sync With Infusionsoft

Syncing your CityGro Kiosk with your Infusionsoft account is as simple as matching data fields. Quickly select the CityGro field that corresponds with each Infusionsoft field and when customers check in on your kiosk their information is automatically sent to Infusionsoft. Utilize and create tags all from the CityGro Portal! – See more at:

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