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Generate More Leads

CityGro’s iPad Kiosk is a simple and attractive way to generate leads. We start with a simple incentive to bring prospect in, and then ask them more information based on the selections they choose. Whether your selecting random winners, offering instant brochures, or following up after the event, the CityGro Kiosk is a solution for you.

Online and Offline Mode

We’ve all dealt with the frustration of internet issues. CityGro’s software has an engaging and easy-to-use interface where leads can submit their contact information offline, and your database will be synced back up  when you are online. Did you need to send brochures? Don’t worry, when the data syncs back up the brochures will be delivered. 

Instant Follow-Up

We all know the rule, the longer you wait to follow up with a hot lead the lower the chance of a sale. The CityGro iPad Kiosk can be set up to instantly send follow up text and emails that drive prospects to take more action. By automating the system you are not only saving yourself a lot of time but ensuring no body gets neglected. 

"My conversion rate went up due to the speedy follow up of the CityGro Kiosk. "