Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Business is about relationships. CityGro’s customer relationship management software helps you gauge how strong those relationships are. Use the CityGro CRM to view how often customers come in, sort by last check-in date, and create automated marketing campaigns based on customer behavior.

Who's Loyal? Who's Not? Find Out with the CityGro CRM

Enhancing relationships is much easier if you know where your relationship stands. The CityGro platform invites customers to check in each time they come in so you can get a real sense of just how often customers are frequenting your business. Once you know how loyal your customers are, you can use our CRM software to send targeted offers.

Monitor customer relationships through CityGro's CRM

Set Up Campaigns Based on Strength of Relationships

Increase loyalty while spending less by sending the right message to the right customer. Often, a small incentive will bring one customer back while another customer requires a larger discount. You can use CityGro’s CRM software to send customers who come in frequently different incentives than customers who don’t. Customers who are already deemed as loyal may receive messages encouraging them to bring their friends, while customers who haven’t come back for months will receive an incentive just to visit. Through personalized messages, CityGro will help you increase loyalty without crashing your margins.

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