Stay on Top-of-mind with Drip Marketing Campaigns

Never let customers forget your business. CityGro’s automated marketing platform allows you to schedule drip marketing campaigns to generate top-of-mind awareness.


Drip Marketing Campaigns Encourage Loyalty

Incentivize loyalty with reminders that automatically go out to customers who aren’t coming back regularly. If the incentive works, the clock starts over. If it doesn’t, another message is triggered that may be slightly more-incentivizing than the first. CityGro will help you customize your drip campaigns and automated messaging to get results.

Nurture customer loyalty with drip marketing campaigns.

Keep Leads Warm

Did you know that every minute after a prospect leaves your store or trade show booth, the chance of them converting into a customer goes down? Then why not reach out to them immediately? The CityGro platform allows you to reach out to leads within moments of them leaving your store. Automatically send brochures, web-links, apps, and more; all through the CityGro platform.

Keep leads warm with drip marketing


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