Lead Generation

When it comes to keeping leads hot, CityGro’s lead capture and lead generation software can’t be beat. CityGro provides the tools you need to generate leads from a show, at your business, or on your website, and keep them hot with automatic follow-up.

Automatic Follow-up

Every hour that passes after receiving a lead diminishes the chance of that lead moving forward. CityGro allows you to send instant follow-up messages to leads immediately following them inputing their data. Use these messages to send brochures, pricing, or instructions to purchase. You can even create reminders and drip campaigns for ongoing engagement down the road.

1. Automatic Followup

Simple Lead Capture

If it’s not easy, it won’t get used. CityGro’s approach to lead generation is as simple as a finger and a phone number. If a customer can’t insert their contact information quick and easy, they simply won’t do it. All of CityGro’s lead generation solutions are optimized for simplicity yet provide the power you need to get the job done.

2. Lead Generation

Lead Generation Solutions

CityGro offers several solutions to capture leads including the iPad kiosk, webforms, mobile optimised webforms, and SMS keywords (text-in). By utilizing several, or even all, of the solutions offered, CityGro can provide you a lead generation solution in almost any environment.

Lead Generation Solutions

Capture Leads Offline

Online lead generation is everywhere. We expect to see lead capture forms when we surf the web but what about lead generation offline? CityGro provides solutions to capture leads online, offline, and with no internet at all. Use the CityGro iPad kiosk to capture leads when internet is not available and sync leads to your database once internet access is available.


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