SMS Marketing Keywords

SMS marketing keywords allow you to capture phone numbers from customers who are not online or in your store. By pairing SMS keywords with CityGro’s web forms and automated communication platform, you have a powerful solution to capture and connect with customers everywhere.

How Do SMS Keywords Work?

SMS keywords are the traditional way to capture a phone number. A user simply texts a unique word, known as a keyword, to a specific phone number. At that point, their phone number is added to a lead capture list. You can use keywords to sign customers up to receive mobile messages and more.


Through the CityGro management portal, you can create keywords and set up instant SMS responses that are sent automatically to subscribers who text your keyword.


Situations Where Keywords Thrive

SMS keywords are extremely useful in a number of situations. Keywords can be very effective in places where placing a kiosk is difficult and accessing your website is not convenient. For example, they work particularly well with drive through restaurants, radio and billboard ads, and live events. Asking customers to text your keyword makes a lot of sense and can help add contacts to your network that you would not otherwise have.

Why SMS keywords work.

Team Up with Web Forms

Add the link for your CityGro web form to your keyword response message and encourage further action from customers who text in. You can even send additional messages and promotions to customers who have completed actions from the web form.

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