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SMS marketing is the fastest way to reach your audience. With a 98% read rate, text messages get your marketing through to customers at every stage of the buying cycle.

Get More Contacts with CityGro's Text Message Marketing Solution

It’s not brain science; your text marketing campaigns are only as good as the network you’ve collected. The CityGro kiosk gets, on average, 10-20 times more phone numbers than standard keyword campaigns. That’s not to say that SMS keywords don’t have their place, but our goal is to capture as many contacts as possible and as much as we hate to brag . . . We’re very, very good at collecting phone numbers.

Get more results from your text message marketing campaign

Do Customers Respond to Text Messaging?

When it comes to SMS marketing, the most common myth we hear is the notion that customers don’t want to receive texts. Wrong. Customers don’t want to be SPAMMED via text. Big difference. The CityGro platform requires every customer to opt-in to receive messages and, according to FCC regulations, we send every new contact a welcome message detailing how to opt-out. We can then detect how your customers react to the message by watching the opt-out rate of each campaign. CityGro will also never use your network data to send messages from another organization. It’s simply bad business.

Customers like getting valuable text offers

Customize and Optimize Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

CityGro allows you to send messages to groups or specific users with the click of a mouse. You decide who you want to receive messages, and the CityGro software does the rest.

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