Capture Customer Info Using Online and Mobile Web Forms

Use web forms to gather customer data on any device and cut down check-in time at your business.

Use Web Forms to Get Your Customers to Come Back

Want customers to take further action by filling out more information, following you on Facebook, or downloading an app? As with everything, further action requires incentives. CityGro’s web forms allow you to give incentives to customers who complete requested tasks, and to send reminders to those who don’t.


100% Mobile-optimized Forms

CityGro’s web forms are created with mobile in mind so your customers can access them on-the-go. Send the URL created with each web form to your customers via SMS or email and they can instantly pull it up on any smartphone or tablet device. Post the link on the web, share it on social media, or add it to an SMS keyword campaign and make it easy for customers to take action.


Add Forms to your Website

In just a few minutes, anyone can create a web form and add it to a business website. Simply create the web form in the CityGro management portal, select the data you would like to capture, and CityGro will kick out the code needed to rock and roll. Copy and paste, and the deed is done.

Easily add and update forms to any website.

Cut Down Check-in Time

Here’s the dilemma: the more information you ask for at the time of sale, the longer it takes for customers to get through the line. You could ask for less information but the additional data (names, zip code, birth date, etc.) can be extremely useful in your marketing . . . So what do you do?


CityGro makes it possible to capture contact information vital to stay in contact and then send the customer a link to complete their registration later. CityGro will even keep reminding customers to complete their registration until the job is done.

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