Your ability to draw a crowd is directly related to the network you’ve built. CityGro helps you amp up that network through event marketing strategies designed to engage your audience.

CityGro Can Help Make Your Event a Success

CityGro can help you communicate with the people most likely to be interested in your event. CityGro’s solutions, such as the iPad check-in kiosk, help you capture event-goer information, track their interests, and send relevant messages that will bring them back again and again. By engaging your audience with marketing messages relevant to them, you create more, “That was awesome!” and less, “Oh no, I missed it.”

Amp up your event marketing with CityGro.

Boost Attendance at Concerts, Movies, and More

The larger your network is, the higher your capacity to pull a crowd. CityGro helps you capture event-goer information and build a network. The next time you have an event you can send out targeted marketing messages and pack the house.

Connect with your audience.

The Power of Last-minute Reminders

The world is busier than ever and “I totally forgot,” is a phrase heard far too often. CityGro’s software allows you to send last minute reminders to those who need them so, “It slipped my mind,” doesn’t happen.

Send last minute reminders to your audience

Hit Them with What They Want!

Relevancy is the key to driving action. CityGro’s capacity to send messages by group, and to group customers by the events they come to, will help ensure that you never send the country dance reminder to the hip hop group.

Send the right messages at the right time.

Track the Events Customers Go To

A great indicator of who is likely to come to a future event is the history of who came to past events. When a customer checks into an event on the CityGro kiosk, CityGro groups them accordingly so you can promote similar events to them.

Track events with CityGro's event marketing software.

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