The Pizza Factory is far more than a pizza restaurant. It’s signature bread twists are reminiscent of its menus – great food, with a twist.

Initially, the restaurant was looking to eliminate its frequent eater card. They quickly found, however, that they could have the chance to connect with customers through text marketing. The chance to bring them back in more often was too good to pass up.

To bring customers back, The Pizza Factory encourages customers to coming back by offering a free entree as incentive after ten visits. They also give both a birthday and half birthday offer, which is an extremely popular aspect of their loyalty program.

One of the most popular offers the Pizza Factory implemented was a free drink without any purchase. They had hundreds of people take advantage of this offer, making it one of the most successful tests they did while running campaigns with CityGro.

For businesses looking to emulate The Pizza Factory’s success, the owner recommends that other managers “find a way to interact with your customers — via text, email, Facebook, etc. They need to know you are still around.” Customers certainly know The Pizza Factory is still around, as there is nearly always a large crowd of people ready to enjoy the signature pizzas and breadsticks.

Another tip the owner would share with businesses looking to grow a loyalty program is to limit their offers to a set amount of days. By making it appealing and urgent, customers are more likely to bite and come in to redeem the offer.

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